Our Products

The followings are our most popular products.


Shibazukin is the character of our native dog with the arabesque designed hood. In Japan the arabesque design is the symbol of long life and good luck. Shibazukin visits the exhausted people.

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Nukuizumi is the family name, but its Chinese characters mean “hot spring”. The family consists of husband and wife, son, daughter, and pet dog. You are healed by their warm and big hearts.

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Honyaradoh developed new products with Jingukan, publisher of Japanese traditional good-luck fortune telling. The products are cosmetics and ladies underwear attached with good-luck amulet.

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♥Hot Eye Mask

Warm Eye Mask makes your eye zones warm comfortably. You don’t need to close your eyes any more. Enjoy TV watching and book reading putting hot eye mask on your face.

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